Friday, June 28, 2013

Catching Up and #MSWL on Twitter

Woo, I've been neglecting the ol' blog here! Lots happening in my writer-life. I have Lucas and the Buttpirates all ready to go (or so I think) and I'm actively querying it. It's my middle grade adventure about sewer-sailing pirates! #MSWL lit the fire under me, finding several agents to query who (SQUEE) like pirates! Lovely quality in a human, I must say. A couple mentions of "The Goonies" that  made my toes tingle. Now I'll play the waiting game, with daydreams of pirates and writing sequels upon sequels for the ragtag pirate crew.

Dollhouse Pixies (my urban fantasy YA) is getting a thorough editing by the lovely Emily, out of the kindness of her heart, thank you! I am also racing ahead of her line edits with some plot re-writes to tighten things up. Since the Buttpirates are resting, this is my current writery focus. I really did miss Celestari while it was marinating in my drawer.

And, Twitter is fun it turns out. Yay for agents participating in #MSWL, I loved following along even if most agents want nothing to do with sewers, pirates, or MG! (All I need is one, right?)