Thursday, October 10, 2013


YAY! Flushed has found a home with the wonderful crew of Astraea Press! I'm so psyched about this, deep into edits at the moment to make them proud to publish this book.

 Here's the query to refresh your memory:

 Ten-year-old Lucas has heard enough of his plumber father’s warnings about sewer-sailing pirate abductions—too bad Dad’s threats turn up true and getting flushed really stinks.

Captain Flatus Codswallup needs Lucas’s help getting his ship seaworthy, and flushes him as a new recruit. Lucas is happy for a vacation, but it’s not all toots and giggles in the sewer and the annoying first mate threatens mutiny behind the captain’s back. Lucas must decide between saving Flatus’s butt and getting home without pink eye.

 But when the pirate ship falls under attack, Lucas learns who Flatus’s sworn enemies are: plumbers. Plumbers like… Dad! Now Lucas has to choose a side that doesn’t get everybody killed as plumbers and pirates meet in the messiest battle the sewers have ever seen.